Before using Recipient Eligibility Verification (EVS), you must be registered to use the eMedicaid web site.

¤  Local eMedicaid Administrators need to assign EVS service to authorized Users.

¤  If you do not have a link to Recipient Eligibility Verification, see your local eMedicaid Administrator.

¤  Only authorized Users can access EVS. For an Administrator to access EVS, they must register themselves as a User.

¤  To use EVS, click on the Recipient Eligibility Verification link.

¤  If you are authorized for EVS at multiple locations, You will need to choose a location.
     Tip: If you are only authorized for EVS at One location, this location will be pre-selected.

¤  Enter the recipientís last name as it appears on the Medical Assistance Card.

¤  Enter the recipient's Maryland Medical Assistance Number OR Social Security Number, but not both.

¤  Historical date of the past year is an optional inquiry. Current date will be used if you leave it blank.