eMedicaid FAQís†††

o   Please Note that you MUST access your account every 30 days, or your account will be locked.

o   If you are the Administrator, you will need to contact the following email to update your password:†† mdh.emedicaidmd@maryland.gov

o   If youíre a User, please ask your Administrator to unlock your account.


o   If your Administratorís account has been locked, you will need to contact the following:


o   When there needs to be a new Administrator put on the account, you will have to contact:



o   If you have not received payment you should be contacting the Check Tracing Unit at:

†† mdh.medicaidchecktracing@maryland.gov

C. Account Terminated

o   If your account has been terminated, please contact ePREP to find out if you provider Number is still valid:

ePREP at 1-844-4MD-PROV or 1-844-463-7768

D. New Account††††

o   If you are setting up a new account, please remember that the administrator can only add, change or close User Idís.In order to do the transactions, you will have to add a User ID to the account.

E. EFT Payments

o   If you would like to get your check Direct Deposited, please contact: