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Payment Delay
MDH is aware of an issue that will delay Medicaid provider payments by a few days for the 03/18/23 payment cycle. Providers who receive electronic fund transfers will receive payment on Monday, March 27th, instead of Friday, March 24th. We apologize for the delay and will post any further updates via
MDH EDITPS Transition Notification
The MDH EDI WebPortal will be relocating to a new physical location.
This notification was emailed to the EDI Contact on file and is only pertinent for providers who exchange HIPAA EDI data for transactions with MDH.

Click here for notice ===> EDITPS Server Transition Notification

Stay alert for updated notices to be emailed and posted here over the next two months.
***ICD-10 Diagnosis change***
Attention: Assisted living , environment adaptors (contractors) and emergency response device providers.

Claims with a date of service on or after 10/1/2021 until 9/30/2022, should be billed with diagnosis code “Z5989”

Claims with a dates of service after 09/30/2022 should be billed with diagnosis code “Z5986”
Due to maintenance, this site may be unavailable every Sunday from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
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