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Due to maintenance, this site may be unavailable from 7:00PM Friday, May 29, to 10:00AM Sunday, May 31, 2015.
*** UPDATED ***
NOTICE to ALL Medicaid Provider's
EXCEPT Pharmacies Provider's
Update: All 835s that were posted on 4/20/2015 were corrected and reposted on 4/27/2015. 835s posted on 4/28/2015 are the regular 835s for the 4/25/2015 payment cycle. The BPR16 field distinguishes the payment cycle date between the two 835s posted this week.

A percentage of the 835's published on 4/20/2015 have some incorrect infomation which will impact provider's payment reconciliation process.

Some claims received on 4/15/2015 and 4/16/2015 did not make the payment cycle and will be processed with this week's payment cycle, 4/25/2015.

DHMH is working on a solution to correct all the incorrect data reporting by April 27, 2015.

In the interim, correct payment information for these claim records are available on Medicaid's eMedicaid portal with payment cycle date, 4/18/2015.

We apologize for this inconvenience and are diligently working on the corrections.
*** UPDATED ***
NOTICE to ALL Medicaid
Pharmacy Providers
Update: A revised notice has been posted here ===> Updated Notice to Pharmacy Providers.

Issues and resolution regarding payments to Pharmacy Provider's for the payment run of 04/18/2015 can be found in this link, Notice to Pharmacy Providers.
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